Products and solutions

Foresee the
Simplify the

This is what we chose to do by extending our range of products, which for Elfit clients means:

  • greater production potential, flexibility, and availability
  • development of multiple combinations of customisable product codes starting from the base/standard component. For example, a cable gland can be supplied with different materials, threadings, certifications, accessories, etc.
  • faster work processes while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We produce:

  • Electrical fittings
  • Cable glands
  • Junction and pulling boxes
  • Explosion-proof boxes intended for areas at risk of explosion and fire, but also suitable for use in safe zones in the event products need to resist chemical agents, vibrations, and extreme weather.

Our production varies from small parts weighing 1-5 g, with limited printable surface, to large parts with up to 45-50 kg and extended printable surface, from simple to more complex parts, with the possibility for undercutting, multi-cavity moulds, and the introduction all types of inserts.

In 2020, 6,250 unique item codes were produced and sold, which in quantitative terms corresponds to 3,500,000 item codes.


Custom castings

The ELFIT foundry, based on a feasibility study, by designing and developing the necessary moulds with the aid of filling simulation software, is able to develop entirely customised products using primary and secondary aluminium alloys for the broadest range of sectors:

  • Electromechanical
  • Railway
  • Shipping
  • Food
  • Electrical systems
  • Energy
  • Oil&Gas
  • Furniture
Die casting
Die casting
Low pressure casting
Low pressure casting

A history of alliance

A single tree wouldn't be able to survive on its own. We know that we are part of an ecosystem and nature has taught us that life is a question of networks, of relations. Cooperation is the engine driving the world.

Just as a bee and a flower need each other to survive, we too strive every day for our products to be our clients’ nectar.

Nurturing your projects allows us to travel the world, while staying firmly rooted in Italy.