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The marking of the cable gland by laser engraving

The cable glands are marked by Elfit-Cortem Group by laser engraving

Metal cable glands, whether they are simply sealed for unarmoured cables, whether they are double-sealed for armored cables or barrier-type, are marked by Elfit-Cortem Group through laser engraving.

The use of laser marking on metals allows extremely rapid and precise processing to guarantee a greater visibility and a constant traceability of the products over time, also thanks to the constant and continuous technological updating of the machinery.

The laser marking process on metals offers significant advantages:

  • it is an extremely precise and clean method realized through a non-contact procedure that does not require preventive or subsequent processing;
  • guarantees the identification and the traceability of products with a very high resolution finish;
  • ensures acids and chemicals resistant working.

All the verification tests necessary to guarantee the resistance of the laser marking have been carried out in our laboratories: aging cycles, aimed at checking the permanence of the marking, resistance to changing ambient temperatures, from -60° C to + 150° C, tests in wet saline environment, seal tests to chemical and petrochemical agents with presence of hydrocarbons.

Publication date: 06-02-2017

Topic: In-depth information